Friday, June 8, 2012

Money from Art Blooms  pack 12 month Course transformation.

Live the artist dream and get paid for it.
Become an inspiration to others.
Build your own business with art.

Have you ever wondered how to live the life of an artist and get paid for being an inspiration to others? Have you ever wondered how to run a successful business and gain new customers? Do you long for control over your own time and to work with a beautiful product that helps empower others? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a schedule that is full of opportunity to connect, share and make a difference with others creatively and get paid for it?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be excited to hear that for the first time ever Jacqueline Coates, renowned floral artist and teacher, yes that’s me, is releasing a new Blooms package available nationally. This 12 month part time teaching program will turn you into a competent artist and provide you with the option of making your money back by teaching the one day, two day and three day workshops  in a part time framework. You can juggle this one with family as I have and other work so its ideal to wedge into a life you are already living whilst building a new creative you.
If this prospect scares and excites you that’s EVEN BETTER, as I know you are already imagining if you could do it. Of course you can. This program like everything else I offer, is a compassionate hand held course and I won’t let you fail! I am setting you up for a great success and great fun and a great outcome. Providing you follow the course outline and show up for the training painting together in Kapunda in our special training session and do your painting assignments then you will definitely achieve the desired outcome.
This is a course that will grow you in every way. It’s a magnificent journey.
The Jacqueline Coates Blooms Teaching Method *TM is a proven and compassionate method of teaching students with little or no previous experience and turning them into painters. And now you can learn it too in assured steps I will share with you and teach others to use a positive and productive experience of painting too.
Paint up a folio of work and sell it,  teach others, or both.
Your pack includes;
·         A 12 month schedule that takes you from training to teaching and earning.

·          Assignments conducted online and by correspondence as well as live workshop time.  Allow  4-8 hours a week for painting homework.

·         high level live in training week conducted in small groups with accommodation provided at A Barn in the Barossa, Jacqueline’s famous former home and studio plus tuition and training provided at Salon Rouge Gallery  worth a combined total of $8,500 including class work with communications expert Wendy Keane.

exclusions; airfares, transfers and evening meals

·         original and copy righted reference packs for you to use in your classes from Jacqueline’s tried and tested range of original photographic collection that set your students up for success worth  thousands of dollars and include specialist seasonal one day workshop references such as poppies and peonies. You can also use it to get your own painting collection going.

·         Membership (usually hard to get unless you are a retailer) access to purchase list price art materials for you and your students, giving you the opportunity to make additional profits and save yourself a lot of money on art materials.

·         National workshop price guide based on real and proven returns plus income planning chart and time table to recoup your investment quickly.

·         Hand held supervised first teaching experience with Jacqueline plus feedback from the students on feedback forms and from Jacqueline in one on one session.

·         Access to and training by Jacqueline Coates own communications and business expert Wendy Keane during your live in training week.  Let Wendy reveal the secrets of building your business step by step as a solid success and the typical pitfalls that most small businesses make so you will know what not to do. Plus communication tips on client handling to keep your clients happy and you in charge and confident.

·         A  one on one mentoring in a private consultation with communications guru Wendy Keane.

·         Jacqueline shares the secrets of her teaching success that have made her a popular and reliable teacher so you too can be an inspiration and teaching success for others. How to create harmony in a room, how to ensure your customers are hungry to come back for more of your workshops. How to handle any situation that may come up in class. How to deliver an inspirational workshop and be an inspiration yourself that helps others to move forward.

·         The ten most common student mistakes and how to resolve them quickly and easily.

·         Formats and scripts for your workshops so you know EXACTLY what information to say and when to say it. No fail procedures to follow with your students, timed sequences for success and managing a room of students. Be fully trained and confident on the material you will be providing. You will have painted all the material and resolved painting issues before you teach your first class.

·         Create your portfolio of teachers examples of paintings to inspire your students you’ll create through your homework program to a high quality level that will inspire confidence from your students and confidence in yourself  to be able to help others paint these images, and to teach appropriate corrections.

·         Safe studio practices and how to set up a workshop room.

·         How to be a warm host and give to your students appropriately so they believe in their own ability and appreciate your teaching.

·         How to set boundaries with students and have them resolve their own painting issues.

·         Technical manuals delivered monthly with assignments  with the Jacqueline Coates teaching method and applications, a peek at other amazing floral artists each month, every month a section on developing the mindset of an artist who makes money and practical steps to take towards creating this, Jac’s tool box where every month Jac shaires practical art tips and learnings to help you be successful as an artist, how to handle clients, and manage and sell your work.

·         Hands on practice workshops in Kapunda where you will get to teach students as part of your training week.

·         Jacqueline’s winning formulas you can use straight away for the
One Day Blooms workshop
Two day Blooms workshop
Three Day workshop
Plus  workshops with specialised themes so you have a variety of product on offer in these workshop formats to keep your students coming back for more.
·         Manual ; How to assist with students who get stopped and help them to get back into flow. How to give to your students so the students get GREAT results and appreciate you and trust you and return for more of your workshops.

·         How to promote your business and attract customers

·         Guidance to develop photo images or a distinctive look that will make the foundation for paintings that will sell for your own painting line.

·         Pricing your work and related pricing strategies.

·         Your very own website template to use on your website plus a listing on Jacqueline Coates teaching website where you will be named as a licensed practitioner of the Jacqueline Coates teaching method along with your contact details as a national affiliate if you choose for as long as you wish to keep your license. Or list your own artwork and details on your website and start selling your own paintings including the ones you will be painting up throughout the course.

·         How to build your business facebook page, what to put on it and how to build your audience plus using Linked in and other social media phenomenoms such as twitter and hoote suite.

·         How to create your own PR to get free editorial.

·         How to use social media for your business.

·         How to build your painting reputation

·         Templates provided for email communications and posters

·         Ads templates

·         License to teach the painting workshop for 12 months from when you have successfully completed the work and your hand held workshop experience.

·         Opportunity to renew license for a small annual fee

·         Opportunity to purchase the Blooms 2 license package once you have experience under your belt. By application. Earn even larger figure income.

Cost of this course; $25,000 plus GST
Special offer; If you haven’t done my blooms 1 and 2 course, why not spend a week with me trying this process out for yourself. If you want to go ahead after doing the Blooms 1 and 2 course I will deduct $2,500 from the cost of your program bringing the total to $22,500 plus gst for your 12 month program plus you will already be streets ahead with this one week workshop and have two large paintings to sell straight away.  You can more than make your money back in just one year with modest numbers to your groups.
Of course I have already done the sums for you.
Not only is the teaching method no fail but even with modest numbers and a limited number of workshops you will make your money back. Self fund your study. And make a profit.
The make money part of the course kicks in during  the six & seventh months.
Plus build up your painting stock and sell those as well through a supportive selling process that teaches you to sell your own work to an interested client base.
It’s what’s called an IRRESISTABLE OFFER and the value I have inbuilt into this program  makes it a no brainer to accept. You just need the desire. The time commitment is part time.
How exciting is that?
When does it start?
I have already commenced the process with some participants. You can start any time as long as you can make the live in training session which takes place within the first six months. So now is an ideal time to start.
Additional Special offer;
Be amongst the first to receive JACQUELINE’S new ebook Make money from Art artist thrive Guide to supporting yourself worth $89 which includes interviews with 6 other artists each with a secret success ingredient to share with you as well as   Jacqueline’s own tried and tested formulas for creating wealth from painting and sharing her creative gift with others that you can learn from.
Jacqueline grew her business from the kitchen and living room of her barn in Kapunda with two children under two underfoot, to become owner of Salon Rouge Gallery, A Barn in the Barossa Accommodation and to teach nationally with her compassionate painting technique designed to help and empower others. She has also gone from one property to three in ten years as a single mum. Hang on a  minute, aren’t single mum’s one of the worse off categories and don’t artists usually starve? Not this one. And I will show you how.  And how you can really give to your clients they can have a wonderful creative experience with you.
If you love art, if you want to make money from your art, if you love connecting with others and helping others to achieve, then , this could be the opportunity for you.
A high percentage of business owners fail because they don’t have a high value and unique offer in the market place and have no clue as to how to market themselves.
Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method is no fail for your students, delivers a great result your clients are happy with, and they will come back for more. This is a product that has been tested on hundreds of women in Australia and on scores of women in New Zealand. If you are receiving this it is because you have already painted as a student with me, and you already know what it is to go from no experience to achieving a great result with me. Imagine being able to give that to others?
There are low start up costs and a proven formula including workshop budgets and profit returns. You don’t need an office or a shop.
FREE EBook to VALUE ADD for your high end CLIENTS
To help build a loyal following and establish you as the go to person, you will also receive a mentoring pack to help your students set up their studio, and get pat procrastination. This is high perceived value, worth $59 and you will be able to supply for free to selected clients with the high end workshops at no cost to you. As many as you like to distribute. Help your clients help yourself to stop procrastinating! Full of useful and kind mentoring and practical support to get you creating.
Why am I prepared to share such a special part of my business?
Well I can’t be everywhere as i have two children and there are so many women hungry for a great painting experience and it seems my blooms painting workshops fit the bill and are a great access for time poor people and have a wide appeal. I have also noticed that many of my students are hungry to take things further and really go the whole hog with their painting. A good teacher doesn’t limit her students, she wants to see them achieve mastery in all aspects. That would be me. I want to see full empowerment of my students. Then I know I have really loved them to the full with my teaching and they can do anything. I get such a lot of satisfaction with seeing my students create great results, I share in their joy, and love seeing them exceed their own expectations. They get to feel great. I have also made some wonderful friends with the women I have got to know with this process and of course I want to give even more to those I feel have the heart and the passion for it. The rewards are great in every respect. And it s a great excuse for us to connect creativity and have the pathway paid for and supporting you to do so.
How will I fit in doing the course?
We all lead busy lives these days. I have designed the course so that the paintings you do are not huge scale and therefore not time consuming for the most part. Your average time you will need is a half day on the weekend as two sessions of four to five hours per fortnight will create a painting. In one year you will create at least 26 paintings which have a specific learning. It’s not so painting massive volumes it’s about painting to cover material I need you to know, so working smart. Plus you will paint when you are in a workshop with me for a week and create paintings in an accelerated workshop environment in addition to this. If you want to paint more then there are optional extras you can take on. Every painting I ask you to do is a foundation and stepping stone for learning which will also arm you with knowledge for teaching. Each painting choice is designed to cover off a skill you will need. You can see there is a fair bit of flexibility here with regards to where and how you do your  course work.  You will email the home work or paintings to me. Easy.
Painting regularly will also speed up your skills. You may find you do better to give yourself a full day a fortnight, or work for two days a month. How you organise the time is up to you. Once you get your studio space set up at home which could be in a  study, the garage, a corner of the living room or the kitchen or the bedroom, then you have a place that you are used to going to  add to your skills and your collection.
You will also have some reading to do to expand your awareness from time to time where I will ask you to seek out certain information from the library and get you to answer some questions. It’s important to have an informed point of view and know more than your students or clients and I will guide you to do that.
And finally, as an important part of the course is about building your business model, I will be asking you to perform tasks along the way that are easy and satisfying to do and are constantly building your framework ready for when you want to sell your paintings or begin to teach. Like the painting allocation of time, I will be dividing this up so you have a task at a time. Often this business work can be done fairly quickly at the computer so can be done in a lunch hour or off your ipad or iphone in a spare moment. You will have the month to perform your monthly set of  tasks, and will be given the content of this along with the painting assignments at the start of the month so you can plan how you would like to do it and in what order. If you go on holiday you can plan for that by getting it done before or playing catch ups afterwards. I once worked in a different job to painting and understand it needs to fit around everything else.

If you’d like to work with me to create your own business in lights or to advance your painting with me and start selling your own stuff with a supportive formula using the Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method *TM and enjoy all the support that goes with that, then give me a call asap and I will talk you through timing, expected cost and profit structures, and offer you an agreement.
Remember I am focussing on a small group for the first round. Payment terms can be discussed with me. To register your interest or ask me any questions  call me on M 0412 587 438
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jacqueline Coates.
            M 0412 587 438