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Student Testimonials from Melbourne Blooms 1 & 2 Workshops Jan 2012

Jacqueline Coates Melbourne Blooms 1 &2  workshop TESTIMONIAL

Blooms Workshop 1 &2 MelbourneTESTIMONIAL


From: Jacqueline Smith Sent: Thursday, 16 February 2012 10:33 AM

To: jacqueline coates
Subject: Good morning Jac - Jacqueline Smith

Good Morning Jac

Just wanted to let you know we are all still talking about the wonderful workshop and how we are all still on a 'high'.  Most of us have done another painting or are finishing one.  It was very inspiring being with you for a week.  I had an amazing experience the other morning, light was just coming into my bedroom and my damask curtains  just showed all the tonal shades, I have never noticed that before.  You did tell us we would see things differently now!  I knew exactly how i would paint it - in fact it would be a good exercise for me to do.  thank you for teaching me another way to look at things.  Hope all is well with you. 

Kindest regards Jacqueline Smith

Melbourne Blooms Workshop participant  Jan 2012

Iris and Peony paintings created at the January Blooms Melbourne 2012 workshop.

Jacqueline Smith is a gifted Chinese calligrapher and watercolourist and enjoyed the challenge of working with acrylic on canvas which she found to be very different.

DEBBIE, Armadale, Melbourne


Debbie from Armadale in Melbourne trained as a graphic designer , secondary art teacher and is also a practicing water colour artist. The challenge for Deb was to use more paint and in a different way to watercolours to achieve these big bold and colourful results in the workshop.

‘After many years of teaching and producing my own still life watercolour exhibitions  , I enjoyed the challenge of learning new techniques with Jacky Coates. I loved creating large tonal and  textural compositions of fruit and flowers onto canvas using sponges, brushes and palette knives. Jacqui s  Art demonstrations and one to one tuition were terrific and we certainly had a lot of fun producing two wonderful artworks in only one week! Jacqui not only inspired us all artistically but we also enjoyed our group chatter whilst sampling her delicious  lunches.

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DJ, Melbourne

Hi Jac.


Great to hear from you and get the photos. It was a great week and I

can't tell you enough what a great teacher you are and how excited you have

 made me about painting again. I caught up with Karly (former student and friend of DJ)  last week and we are

going to get together and paint. Will send some more photos to you and let

you know how I am progressing.

Dear Judy,

Would you mind sharing some thoughts with prospective  students about the blooms workshop? Thanks Jac.


Hi Jacqui,

I would love you to use my work .  I jumped in the deep end with no previous experience when I did blooms  1 and 2 in January 2011. I came out with two amazing paintings and a structure of how to paint at home without the support of the workshop.

January Blooms 1 & 2, 2012  Melbourne was my second time in a blooms workshop . Both workshops had a great  bunch of people with the same interest , painting and painting  flowers . It was really good the 2nd time because I had an idea what to expect . My paintings happened more quickly and I realised how much I had learned. I also learned and was inspired from seeing all the other paintings in the class evolve with the steps you gave us nad the individual attention. You are a very generous teacher.

 It is just amazing how you can come out with 2 beautiful  paintings after one week of classes.

The St James Church Hall is a fantastic venue .

So  when are you doing blooms masterclasses in Melbourne , I might have to wait for that !

(Judy is on the right of the photo. Marion is on the left.)

Marg, teacher, Melbourne.

I look at my peony and the hydrangeas that are hanging in my lounge room and I think to myself “I can’t believe that I painted them”. But I did with Jacqueline’s instruction and guidance as well as a lot of positive encouragement.

I didn’t have any painting experience but I had an interest and the Blooms 1&2 courses honed my interest and taught me skills and techniques that have enabled me to continue painting with confidence.

It was a great week in fact quite an indulgent week focusing only on myself and my painting with the company of the group all striving to learn new skills under the nurturing guidance of Jacqueline. I thank Jac for giving me the wherewithal to be able to shut out the world for a while and paint.

Teachers notes!
Typically my students have some experience or absolutely no experience. It’s hard to tell who has or hasn’t once we get going as the process supports everyone to get a great result.  The workshop builds skills in handling the paint and the brushes, managing the consistency of paint so you are in control, working first tonally then in colour. In this way we work with one main challenge at a time and build on that. We always start with exquisite floral reference that I supply and there is a wide choice. It’s exciting to see everyone’s paintings coming on, and then suddenly pop through as beautiful blooms, especially after the third day. I consider it an honour and a privilege to teach. I enjoy showing m


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