Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blooms Workshops 2013

Paint a beautiful masterpiece in days even if you’ve never painted before.

 Anyone can paint with Jacqueline Coates’ Blooms Painting Method®.  NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  

Scared of a blank canvas? Worried what others might think of your efforts? Don’t worry!  My painting  method  sets you up for  great results in a compassionate , easy to understand way.

Build your painting in manageable 7 steps. Create two beautiful large canvases in my Blooms 1 and 2.

‘Having never painted before Jacqueline's Blooms workshop started me on a journey of self-discovery.  It is now my huge passion and people are buying my paintings.’    Michelle, Bon Beach, Vic . 

‘Jacqueline was the most generous of teachers with her excellent tutoring. The most unselfish thing an artist can do is to pass on to other artists all of the knowledge that has taken her a lifetime to amass. Jacqueline is a no nonsense teacher and we had enormous fun.’     Marion, Bunbury, WA.

Includes 4 Bonus sessions;
Colour mixing to save hundreds on paints
Create your own photo reference
Easy ways to sell your paintings
Goal setting for creativity
The Blooms 1 and 2 Workshop 2013 Dates

Sydney     July 6th- July 11th ,  Willoughby Arts Centre

Melbourne    Sept  29th - October 5th , Glen Iris

Brisbane        Nov 11th (pm)-  Nov 17th ,  Metro Arts

South Australia     Aug 4th -Aug 10th , Barossa Valley


Spaces limited. $2680 p.p. in call art materials, catering & tuition.

Enquiries and bookings to  Jacqueline  Coates M 0412 587 438

Visit  ‘Blooms Painting workshop so easy a 12 year old can do it! You Tube