Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Paint from Beautiful Blooms Photo Reference
Enjoy photos taken especially for painting and accelerate your success inspired from the Chelsea Flower Show, London 2015  and other English gardens by painter and art teacher Jacqueline Coates

The Blooms 2015 collection

Enjoy the best most inspiring blooms reference for your paintings fresh from UK’s best show gardens

Do you have trouble getting the best floral reference to paint from?
Is composition and lighting a struggle? 
Do you live somewhere where access to the best blooms is difficult or out of season?
Do your photos turn out flat and uninspiring and unsuitable to paint up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are going to love the flamboyant and show stopping collection of photos I have assembled for you to use for your own painting practice.

·         Enjoy my blooms photos in all their glory to create beautiful paintings that will sell like hotcakes.

·         Lean on over 25 years of experience capturing breathtaking blooms reference.
·         Enjoy exotic flowers so beautiful they take your breath away.

The secret to beautiful paintings is having beautiful photo reference to begin with.
Here is another successful painting from one of my students a newbie painter

This year I attended the Chelsea Flower show and as a painter and lover of beauty and grandeur, with an experienced eye for what will make a great painting, I made the most of capturing the beautiful blooms on film.

From French irises to English Roses, Dutch tulips and many other exotics in a rainbow of hues.  
I enjoyed VIP access to flowers with special permission to get up close, and was astounded with the colours, stripes and sculptural petals with specimens cultivated in Holland and England.

Luscious roses from Harkness Roses and David Austen roses that were so beautiful I spent most of my time with my nose firmly pressed against the camera capturing the beauty with an eye to creating the most exquisite paintings ever.

When I came home I shared some of these images with my students, here and there, testing them out, knowing that my teaching schedule keeps me busy at the moment and it’s a shame to keep these beauties in hiding.  In every case everyone wanted more of them.

Gorgeous Student painting utilising the Chelsea Flower Show painting reference  

I never released the whole collection though!

Not only am I releasing possibly the most beautiful collection of photos I have ever taken, I am including the exquisite herbaceous peonies and pink peonies from Chatsworth Estate, with the photos taken on the same trip, that were the size of dinner plates, and completely swoon worthy and voluptuous.

I’ve seen grown-ups almost fighting over these images at workshops!

Yes, these images are the most beautiful, and I’ve decided to release the pictures for usage so they can be enjoyed by other keen flower painters.
Understanding that everyone has different requirements I have created a variety of packs to choose from, and a variety of price points

What does it cost 
to create beautiful photo reference?

Although it cost me a small fortune to visit the gardens in the UK and take the most magnificent shots, I am offering these shots to you at a fraction of their true value, given my trained eye and what they translate to when painted as saleable paintings. 

Given that anyone one of these references painted up to a 90 x 120cm canvas sells in my students’ domain for a minimum of $1350 and in mine $2500 and up this a great opportunity to create paintings you can sell.

Can I paint from the images and make money?

If you have learned to paint blooms with me, then you know that any one of these photos made into a painting can sell for anywhere from $1,350 to $15,000 each and more. You have my full permission to go for it and create beautiful work you can sell.

Paint ten paintings @ $1350 to make $13,500.
Paint ten paintings @ $2250 to make $22,500.

Straight up purchase of the images on any of the packs means you can paint the images and sell those paintings using the photos as direct photo inspiration for your paintings but you may not make commercial runs onto product. (PACK A or PACK B)

What is the copyright on the images?

Purchase the royalty free pack (PACK C) and choose 20 images from the selection that you are free to use commercially as well as sell the paintings. Take your paintings to print via the printed painted image. i.e. applying the images to product such as cups, placemats, etc. For all other packs feel free to paint the images up and sell the paintings.

How many images may I use?

If you buy a pack of 50 then you can paint all 50 if you want and sell them.
If you have commercial rights for 20 shots then paint them all but choose your best 20 to reproduce from. Try them out and see what you like.

More images than you will get a chance to paint up!

I am giving you the opportunity to plunder and enjoy the whole collection with as many as 130 hand picked photos, depending on which pack you go with.

Why would I want to buy photo reference to paint from?

As a successful floral artist I know my paintings are only as good as the beautiful reference I create to paint from.
It can make the difference between charging $1200 or $2,500 for a painting that might take the same amount of time and cost to create.
I’ve spent the last 25 years honing my eye for the best flower reference to paint from so you can accelerate your success. That’s right! Access the best shots right now.

Here’s what’s on offer;

Pack A 2015
French irises, Dutch tulips and English roses Photo Pack
Enjoy 50 photos at $497 

inc postage in Australia & NZ That’s less than $10 a photo that you can turn into a painting you can sell.
I have selected a range of photos from the simple to the more complex. Enjoy a selection of irises, tulips and roses in a range of colours for your own usage in your painting practice for great results!
 Think of all the time and wasted shots you can save! I’ve weeded out anything I didn’t think was good enough and left you with the best. Your biggest problem will be deciding which image to start with!
Paint your heart out and sell the paintings.
I know I can paint up a show worth at least $60,000 from this start up collection.
Ideal for newbie and intermediate painters as includes simple and more complex images.
Excludes commercial rights to reproduce to product from my images in multiples to sell. See Pack D if you’d like this option.

Pack B 2015
Specialising in glorious English roses in a range of beautiful colours from creams to rich reds with some irises and tulips and other exotics
50 photos at $497
Content is completely different from Pack A

Enjoy exotic English roses, from creams and whites, golds and multiple blooms tinged with lavender. Multi-chambered old fashioned roses, more tulips in divine colour combinations. This pack is slightly more complex so ideal for the intermediate or advanced painter but there are definitely blooms in here that anyone can do too. Perfect for creating masterpieces.
Excludes commercial rights to reproduce to product from my images in multiples to sell. See pack D if you would like this option.

Pack C 2015
Specialising in roses with some irises and tulips
100 photos at $997

With 15 bonus exquisite peony shots from Chatswood Estate
inc postage in Australia
Twice the amount to choose from, with bonus selection of exquisite peonies from Chatsworth. Suitable for your own usage in your painting practice to create paintings to sell. This is Pack A and B to offer a diverse range, plus bonus shots of beautiful peony roses.
Paint your heart out and sell the end results. I know I could paint at least three exhibitions of work and loads of commissions worth about $150,000 - $200,000 from this collection.
Excludes commercial rights to reproduce to product from my images in multiples to sell. See pack D if you’d like this option.
Pack D 2015
The Ultimate Make Money From Art Blooms Collection
130 photos at $1997 inc commercial rights on 20 of the images.
Pack A and Pack B plus 30 bonus photos from Hampton Court Gardens and Chatsworth Gardens
inc postage in Australia
Selection of irises, tulips and roses in a range of colours for your own usage in your painting practice
Paint your heart out and sell the end results.
Reproduce you best paintings and turn into product when you enjoy the privilege of
Up to 20 images of your choice from this collection to be at your disposal Royalty free for commercial usage. Simply let us know which ones you are taking through to production so we know who is doing what.
Monetize the beautiful photography reference, and let your studio paintings benefit.
Beautiful photos that will make stunning paintings you can also have the option to turn into product from prints to gift cards, mugs and anything else you can dream of!
I know I could make unlimited dollars from this collection and from reproducing from the paintings and prints on canvas I could make.

How do I order these beautiful images?

Fab Student painting utilising the Chelsea photo reference. These tulips are stunning and graphic in style.
All packs contain knockout material.
Nominate which pack, either Pack A, B, C or D.
Pop the headline into the email subject Chelsea Blooms Packs. Supply your name and address and phone number so I can call you to arrange card details or include your card details in the order.
Allow two weeks for processing.
Yes thanks I would like to order the following blooms packs. Please TICK & SUPPLY TOTAL

Package A 2015

50 photos from tulips to roses and irises and more, ideal for newbie and intermediate painters
Pack B 2015

50 photos Slightly more complex compositions with the emphasis on roses
Pack C 2015

100 shots combining Pack A and Pack B Plus bonus Chatsworth images. No commercial rights for mass runs but great to paint up and sell.
Pack D 2015

100 shots combining Pack A and Pack B and includes commercial rights for 20 chosen shots. Plus bonus pack 30 Chatsworth images and Hampton Court Garden flowers.                                                         


Phone number

Email address

Credit card details
Name on card……………………………………………………………..
MC or Visa…………………………………………………………………..
16 digit card…………………/…………../………………/…………….
Expiry date  ………./………    CVV…………….(last 3 digits)

Get your paintings to look great more quickly! 
Happy painting!