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Hi Art lovers , 

It's official! 
Painting is good for you and it's never too late to learn! 

Learning to paint is great for your brain according to medical experts and your brain can continue to grow new areas no matter your age. 

Our brains need to continue to learn and to problem solve , to have challenges and discover new things in order to continue to grow. 

The stimulation of learning something new and engaging also aids our memory. If we continue to repeat what we already know and not reach for the new then our brains will not be as healthy . 

Just in case you think I may  be losing my mind, I've pasted a link below you can checkout for yourself ! 

As a painting teacher and mentor I encounter lots of students who put their creativity on hold while they raise their families,  and stay in jobs they don't love. When they connect with painting and are shown they can do it, which I do with my Blooms Painting Method the transformation and empowerment of my students is amazing . 
A painting workshop in progress

Day job ditched for bohemian life style 

Emma Targett with a student work she created is now a launched artist
With new knowledge my students can do amazing things. They get a wonderful creative reboot. 
Emma Targett from Hobart was working in a successful family business but wanted to try something creative. She fell in love with painting when she tried it for the first time at the Blooms Painting Workshop in Kapunda and has never looked back.

       Student sells her artwork to the teacher

She went on to receive further mentoring with me and emerged as a fully fledged painter with her own painting studio and now curates exhibitions as well as her own work. I bought a painting off her last week for my weekender! that's the second painting I've bought from Emma!

       Student From day job & first time painter to sought           after artist in 9 months

Jo White of Moree has a very good day job but was looking for something more when I met her last November for the Brisbane Blooms Painting Workshop. She learned to paint with me in 6 days, then opted for further mentoring as she grew her own look with her paintings with her own totally charming body of work painting everyday subject matter in a way that makes us look at it differently. 

It's nine months later and Jo is now fielding offers from several top Sydney galleries, selling her artwork and loving how her whole world has opened up creatively with loads of new possibilities. Catch her at Sydney's forthcoming The Other Art Fair. 

I know I've been in that position where I half liked my job but was festering , wanting to do something new and creative but afraid to give it a go. Thankfully I snapped out of that. Now creativity is my delicious main course every day with no day the same ever! 

I'm writing this from Paris having spent the day immersed in the summer flower varieties at Monet's garden . The Inspiring reference such as dahlias and sunflowers I'll share with my students at my forthcoming Blooms 

I will never retire from painting. It gives me energy because I love it. It's a path that constantly beckons because I see life as beautiful, filled with colour and everywhere I look there's a painting waiting to happen. 

Yep, I'll be wielding a paint brush when I'm 99 for sure! And I'll be able to remember where I put the brush down because I'm constantly exercising my brain. 

Cheryl Erskine now a painter
Here's what Cheryl Erskine whose kids are older now , of Melbourne, had to say about her experience of learning to paint with my Blooms Painting Method;

'I was dreading retirement but now I have something I love to do and can do for the rest of my life'

Julie Christensen who owns and runs  the fabulous Flower Lovers stores in Brisbane came to me about three years ago to learn to paint in the Blooms Painting Workshops. I bumped into her at the Rockleigh flower markets earlier this month and was thrilled to hear she's planning an exhibition and opening a gallery of her own which represents a whole new chapter just when some people would be considering retiring .

' I'm doing all of this at my age but I love it ! '

Julie was so excited and full of plans. It was great to see. That's what unlocking another new area and learning to paint can do for you. What an inspiration. What a passionate powerhouse! 

Everyone wonders if they can do if it not and everyone comes through my classes with beautiful paintings and the knowledge to do more, no matter their lack of experience .

Colour mixing is pleasurable and a part of learning to paint
Whether you would like to learn to paint and have art as a pleasurable accompaniment to your life or if you prefer to make it your main course, painting is a proven positive activity that will help keep your brain healthy. It's also relaxing to do. the following are some typical student examples of paintings created at the Blooms Workshops. Students can use what they learn as a springboard into other painting styles and subject matter.

                      Babs Dogan from Vic had never painted before.She sold this artwork before the workshop finished.

So if you've been doing the same thing over and over, if you would like to engage with painting, and discover a wonderful new activity that will be good for you as well as fun, 
I have a couple of spots left for the forthcoming workshops ;

Brisbane Blooms Painting Workshop commencing evening of Sunday  Sept 4
Them paint daily from Monday Sept 5-10 at Metro Arts 

Sydney Blooms Painting Workshop September 20-25 inclusive daily 9-5
At Willoughby Arts Centre 

For bookings call Nicole Sweeny on Mobile 0412 587 438 

But be quick! Brisbane starts next Sunday evening ! Don't miss out ! 

And we are taking final places for Sydney September dates too.

So what's it going to be ?  Are you going to grow and learn and keep your brain healthy? Not to mention  produce some wonderful paintings? 

Love and paint brushes ,
And I hope you can join me and discover the wonderful nourishing and loving 
addition that art is.

Jacqueline Coates
From my temporary studio at  Rue Saint Lazaar, Paris 

Hope to see you in Brisbane next weekend ! 

Here's that link I promised 

Booking number again is Nicole Sweeney 0412 587 438 

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