Sunday, December 1, 2019

Get your creativity
on track in Brisbane
this December! 
Or miss out!
Three students who didn't miss out, at Blooms  Hamilton, NZ  last week with the first of two paintings.
On the left is Lynne B's Antique Caramel Rose, in the middle is Heather B's two toned rose,
and on the right is Sue F's Cafe Au Lait Rose. It was the first time Heather and Sue had tried my Blooms Painting Method.

There’s still time to get your painting skills on track in 2019!

NEXT WEEK I will be visiting BRISBANE teaching the Blooms Painting Workshop at Metro Arts for the very last time! Followed by offering Lee Teusner's Godesses and Divas workshop! I am also back from teaching in NZ last week so have some lovely paintings to share.

Sally from NZ created this as her second painting last week. She was convinced she would never be able to create a delicate painting with blending that made the petals fold  however look what she has created!


If you have been umming and ahhing about coming to my Brisbane Blooms Workshop,  if you miss the boat on this one you could miss out for some time because I’ll be teaching Blooms for the very last time at Metro Arts Brisbane, at 109 Edwards Street commencing evening Dec 10 then all day Dec 11 and 12.

The building has been sold and Metro Arts will relocate in Brisbane. I am not sure of the exact when and where of the new space. For now.

The Brisbane Metro Arts warehouse space has provided the space  for me to teach hundreds of students how to paint over the last 15 years. The December workshop is the last time we will tread the boards of this fabulous old building before the developers move in. I love the natural light and the slightly sloping floor boards!

I still remember my first few workshops at Metro Arts 15 years ago and the hundreds of fabulous women who have come through the doors  to learn to paint with me and connect with their creative confidence.  

Reflecting on my Blooms Painting Workshop product it has been buffed and honed constantly to make painting even easier for you through instructions with a difference. 

This stunner inspired by a tulip in Monet's garden is by Anne W from last weeks NZ class.
This was her second time doing Blooms. What a wonderful outcome!

I used to get great results from beginners however for some time now I have been getting outstanding results from students even if they have never painted before thanks to my constantly improved Blooms Painting Method that accelerates results and shows you how to build your painting.

Sue K from NZ brought in her own photo of roses from her garden to paint up and created this stunning piece.
Sue did her first Blooms Painting Workshop with me in February this year
and then came back for more this November. She has created some beautiful work even
though she works full time.

In 2012 I decided to dedicate myself to teaching and writing teaching programs, and that's when I took the Blooms Painting to a whole new level and have even won awards for it nominated and voted by others. 

Do I ever get to paint for myself is a question I am frequently asked. The answer is yes of course! I have completed several commissions and am working on a project to be revealed in London in 2020. I am taking a glorious break in my studio over Christmas and most of January apart from Blooms Sydney in January to work on my own paintings and catch up with friends and family and being at home.

Here is one of my own paintings created earlier this year
when I painted with a private client in Monaco. 

So many of my Brisbane students have gone on to create awesome art careers for themselves and can confidently call themselves artists. 


If you are one of those people who have been thinking about coming to Blooms for years this could be the time to hand yourself in! I still have places available but you will need to get on with it! I'm ordering art supplies this week. Here is the link to book;

Or call Janneke M 0412 587 438 to book your place.

A painting by one of Lee's students.


Additionally Lee Teusner is teaching her goddesses and divas acrylic workshop at Metro Arts one day after my blooms workshop finishes. Lee loves painting beautiful women. If you would like to learn about painting skin tones, eyes, noses that fit, and luscious lips as well as learning how to handle texture and bold colour then this is such a fun workshop.

Lee's workshop commences evening of December 13 then all day Dec 14 and 15.
Paint a 1 m square canvas. All art supplies and catering included. $1350 pp. 

To book in please call Janneke on M 0429 100 929

One of Lee's own paintings. Texture, colour and exotica are part of the fun.

There are bonuses if you book both workshops including  some freestyle brushes and a copy of my book!

For all other workshops and painting tours in France including Sydney Blooms in January and Perth dates late February please visit ;

Three proud students showing their first  beautiful Booms paintings of peonies at Blooms Hamilton NZ
last week. , Congrats to Deeanne , Cathy and Sally

I will next be back in Hamilton September 2020 and there only 12 places available. Here’s the link;

See you soon!

Love and Paint Brushes 
Jacqueline Coates

M 0429 100 929

Monday, November 11, 2019

Double creative delight in Brisbane this December

Introducing Lee Teusner's Goddesses and Divas painting workshop in Brisbane this December

Hey there Bloomers and those still procrastinating about creativity!
For December we have not one but TWO stunning painting workshops to get your creativity on track before the end of the year.    

If you have been always longing to do my Blooms painting workshop in Brisbane, you may have to get a move on. 


That's right! The venue Metro Arts in Edwards is changing hands. I will be back but I am not sure of the when and where just yet so this really IS the last scheduled Brisbane Blooms!!! For now! I will have more news soon on that.

The Blooms Brisbane workshop commences evening Dec 10, then all day Dec 11 and 12. We will paint one canvas and I will take you through the Paint Brush license.

I have been teaching at Metro Arts for 15 years and have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of women to paint and connect with their creativity.

To book your place in this last historic Blooms painting workshop visit

Leonie from Adelaide in full blooms painting up a stunning peony
at the Blooms Barossa Workshop November

This beautiful Cafe Au Lait was created by fist time painter Kem from the USA at the Los Angles Paint Blooms USA Workshop
late October and is one of the recently added images I am sharing for the Brisbane Blooms!

As well as my Blooms workshop I am bringing someone very special with me to lead a second workshop with a very feminine difference and where you can have a lot of fun learning additional skills with acrylic. 

Allow me to introduce Lee Teusner, a former student of mine who trained and taught Blooms for a while.

Love this stunning Geisha from a student of Lee's Workshop

In the last two years Lee and I have worked together to turn her passion for painting the feminine realm; think portraits of women, loads of colour and texture, fantasy and the decorative…. Into a fabulous workshop with a great learning process so you can enjoy this too with rapid acceleration and results. She has taught to great acclaim already over the past year in South Australia.

One of Lee's paintings which explores loads of rich texture and colour

Here is some of her student feedback;

Thank you so much Lee for this amazing experience. I had the best 3 1/2 days! From the lows of not being able to paint to the highs of completing my first work. I adore my diva and will be hanging her in the dining room for all to see.  I will be back for more expert tuition xxx

Susie - Urbrae SA

Wow, just had the best 3 day workshop with Lee Teusner.  
Treat yourself and spend time with Lee in her workshops.     
I have been painting for only a little while and found Lee's style so beautiful and moving that I had to do a Learn to Paint Divas workshop! Thank you Lee for your unique style of teaching, you have great patience and understanding for people with any level of painting experience.                                        
Your manner in which you pass on your skills and knowledge is beautiful and memorable. I am very excited to incorporate what you have taught me into producing beautiful paintings for myself and others.

Jlz - Christies Beach SA

Love the layers of detail and textural build up which  Lee teaches at her workshop

Now Lee joins me in Brissy for the Goddesses and Divas workshop where students will paint a 1m square canvas.

Lee’s workshop will be on the evening of Dec 13, then daily Dec 14 and 15, 2019.

Lee brings her own flair for this subject matter and will have loads of reference for you to help you decide what kind of exotic or calm, beautiful or mysterious, Diva or Goddess you would like to create on your canvas. 
The colours and the feel of the emotion in the painting are up to you. Lee is there to guide you to create something you will love.

She will also have lots of exciting textures, techniques and fun and experimental applications to try so not only empower yourself as an artist, paint an aspect of you as well and create something wonderful and contemporary for your wall at home.

As we are both holding workshops at Metro Arts in December with dates almost back to back ( enjoy a day off inbetween) , some of you might be asking already… what if I do the two workshops?

Great idea, because Lee and I have a plan that if you do the two we will make the canvases the same big beautiful matching size.

The canvases will be 1m square so you can end up with a pair of stunning paintings just in time to refresh the house for Christmas and have your creative P’s and Q’s sorted well BEFORE New Years Eve. How good would that be? 

Isn't this a great opportunity to give up all of that rubbishy procrastination and bust through to confidence with your painting?

Plus if you do both workshops then you will get some very handy brushes for free as well.
And receive a copy of my book Make Money From Art- a memoir.

Red Poppy painted at the Barossa Blooms Workshop last week taught Tizzy from NSW
an abundance including how to create depth in reds and oranges,
how to paint stamens and control the [paint for delicate outcomes
as well as bold, and the art of blending!


CONTENT; Paint a 1m square canvas and learn a range of acrylic techniques. No previous experience necessary.

Venue METRO ARTS 109 Edwards St Brisbane
$1350 pp.
We don’t have a formal page up for this as it’s a once off special event. However you can book in by calling Janneke on M 0412 587 438. She can invoice for a direct deposit, take a credit card or provide PAY PAL details.
You may also email me with your name and phone number to

CALL JANNEKE M 0412 587 438

My own Blooms workshop in Brisbane at Metro Arts
falls across a Tuesday evening Dec 10 then all day 9-5.30pm Weds Dec 11 and Thurs 12.

Here is the link to book my BRISBANE 2 DAY BLOOMS DEC 11 & 12, & eve of DEC 10;

Lee-Ann created her own field of tulips at the Barossa Blooms!

There are still places available for my Blooms 2 dayer.

I will be creating a painting from my workshop and auctioning it and donating all proceeds to a fire relief fund when in Brisbane. I will Facebook about that at the time.


Get to know more Lee Teusner!

JAC; What drew you to painting Goddesses and Divas?
LEE; I wanted to express that part of myself and to explore a more expressive type of painting that reflected the personal a bit more. I still love painting flowers and they appear in these works too

JAC; I remember your MMFA Program Graduate body of work which was very romantic and very beautiful, exploring the space that women have when they take the time to look after themselves and make themselves beautiful. I also remember that show sold out! Is this direction with the Goddesses and Divas a continuation of the feminine?

LEE; Definitely
I get my inspiration from beautiful images yet something happens through the painting process that is outside of copying. I find that happens with the participants too as they put an aspect of themselves into the creation process. It's pretty wonderful. 

They really connect with the painting they are creating, immersing in their choice of colours, the decorative elements and the expression and emotion coming through the work. It just happens and its a bit of magic!

JAC; What do students need to bring to your workshop to create their Diva or Goddess?

LEE; Just bring yourselves because I have loads of inspiration and reference for you plus I teach you the basics of creating a face. Even if you have never done this it will work out beautifully.

JAC; Lee, we have known each other since 2011 and I think you are a bit of a Goddess yourself. Your students say how patient you are and even my own daughter has done your workshop and she came home with a wonderful result and a great experience of it. It's very nurturing. I’m so excited for our December Brissy workshop.

LEE; I’m really excited to have that space together and to meet lots of lovely new divas coming through!

 I hope to see you all at the Brisbane Blooms and the Brisbane Goddesses and Divas!

More info coming later this week on 
-the Blooms Freestyle 2 dayer January in Melbourne 
-the Sydney Blooms Painting Workshop January 
-the Paint Blooms USA Feb 2020
-French Art School and Blooms France 
-Perth Blooms
-and more!


Jacqueline Coates
Blooms Painting Workshops
M 0429 100 929

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Recent Blooms student paintings & next workshop dates


Recent student paintings & next workshop dates!

Rita at Blooms France Oils creating her beautiful hydrangeas in oils

Hi Bloomers!

In this newsletter I have lots of great student paintings to share with you created at
The Blooms Painting Workshops in France where students live-in, enjoying accommodation in authentic French villas in rural Limousin and the catering is provided by French chef JOSE and our cook.

We are in the last weeks of summer, and enjoying the peaches, apples and plums on the trees at La Foret du Temple, and the magnificent hydrangeas. My sunflowers are up too.

Last week we finished Blooms France Oils available to those who have worked with me before, and for students enjoying taking their work to the next level learning oils and handling more complex paintings.

Katherine's captivating Rose dyptich created at Blooms France oils. To create this
painting Katherine learned about handling complex shapes, multiple colour blends and building the painting.

Katherine E began her art journey at the Brisbane Blooms in April this year where she learned to paint Blooms, which taught her how to confidently start and finish a painting. This was her first art class ever.
Then she came with us on French Art School and learned to paint from life and created some beautiful pieces in June and then joined us for Blooms Oils France Oils. Fabulous paintings to a high level in three workshops and well done to Katherine!

In order to create this painting Katherine learned to see more detail
and create multiple blending

All of this since April with no painting at home time in between as too busy like many of us. And no painting lessons before our time together. Just showing up and painting in the time we had together. Through learning the Blooms Painting Method Katherine has been able to enjoy a fast acceleration in skills. Katherine shared about her experience;

‘You’ve started and are right into it before you know it
You don’t realise it with Jac but you are learning as you go along, as well as the instruction and demos that provide the foundation that she provides.’

From left; Katherine, Rita and Lynne
5.30pm was always Champagne o'clock at Blooms France Oils. 
When in France...

Lynne participated in Blooms France learning how to paint Blooms with acrylics earlier this year, and loved it so much she came back for the Blooms France Oils. 

Lynne's work in progress. This was Lynne's second painting workshop with me
taking her painting to a higher level. She found she loved the oils.

Lynne had previously puddled about painting here and there. She very much enjoys family and being a grandmother. Now she has more time for herself and wanted to focus on her art more. Her first paintings earlier this year with me were very good, and the paintings this last week step into a whole new level of confidence as you can see. 

Outstanding and well done Lynne!

Lynne's figs required unusual colour combinations and excellent blending skills
to achieve this professional finish at Blooms France Oils.
Lynne shared about her experience;

‘I was impressed you have actually developed a system.
In previous art classes elsewhere they are telling you about the procedure and painting composition etc but not a system to follow which gives you more confidence.
I painted figs this time round because I have them at home. I pick them fresh off the tree usually. So I really connected to creating this painting I’ve created in Blooms France Oils. I enjoy that we get to choose what we want to paint with you. In other art classes the whole class paints the same thing.

Also I have LOVED the fact that everything done was for me, so all I had to do was concentrate on my painting. I’d arrive home from the markets to find the fire was lit, the wine chilled and waiting, followed by a delicious meal served. At home I don’t get to have uninterrupted time. It’s life changing to have this time and distance on your own life and enjoy this environment.’

As the teacher it’s exciting and rewarding to see students absorbing the Blooms knowledge and in a very few paintings completely nailing it.

Rita has worked with me before and we met five years ago. She sadly lost her husband last year. Coming to France was a great change of scene and a boost of positive energy which helped Rita to reboot her creativity. She not only produced these gorgeous paintings, she made great friends on this trip. She shared;

‘Such a different way of teaching…
Encouragement and showing us all in a beautiful guided way…I gained the enthusiasm and confidence to get my paintings started AND finished.’

Rita's Dyptich of roses studied the tonal changes of light to dark
and all the colours inhabiting the shadows.

And here is a first look at the Blooms France Art Immersion we are currently in, with students coming from Spain, Switzerland, Canada, the UK and Australia. There is always lots to talk about over lunches and dinners. The next one is in May 2020 with actual workshop itinerary days May 8-17, 2019 however the opportunity to catch up in Paris a few days earlier to unwind and enjoy Paris highlights before we start painting!

The Van Gogh Lumiere exhibition in Paris which I visited with the Blooms France Sept 2019
group when we enjoyed a few extra days together in Paris before the painting immersion commenced.
There is always so much to do and see in Paris.
I took my group to two of my favourite Parisian florists and as usual we were wowed.
Many of the group had never painted before or never painted form. Today the first paintings emerged which was so exciting!

Claudine from Switzerland was thrilled to finish her first painting
of a peony, and is already working on painting number 3 at Blooms France.

Gloria from the UK wanted to learn more painting and is producing some stunning work
at Blooms France and enjoying the challenge as well as the whole French experience.

Maggie was thrilled to find that she could handle the challenge of painting Blooms
even though the last time she painted was when she did folk art over 30 years ago.
Maggie is rebooting her creativity and doing a great job of that

As well as painting at the Blooms France art immersion we also visit the local markets, 
a chateau and dine out. We dine in with our French chef. Living in the quiet rural hamlet of La Foret du Temple is very charming also.

Claudine from Switzerland and Tracey from Australia as they finish off the
first of their Blooms paintings

Paella night at L'Hirondelle, on Blooms France.

Zinnias create a splash of colour at the markets of La Chatre.
Today I taught the ladies how to paint the zinnias with impasto and the palette knife 
as an impromptu bonus session.

Attending a workshop is great but if you can’t make a workshop then try my proven online 52 weeks of e-classes How to Paint Blooms.

I currently have a special offer on this with $100 off at;

Attending  The e-lessons are yours to keep and do at your own pace and will arrive one per week for a year. This course has produced some amazing painters!

However if you prefer a live workshop with guidance from me then here are the next workshop dates;


Evening of October 1, then October 2-5th from 9-5pm at GLEN IRIS
Paint a large canvas. All art supplies and catering included. $2350 pp
Deposit at time of booking.

October 25-27th, 2019 Downtown LA. Combines an online painting program and support with a 3 day Blooms painting event in Los Angeles.
Please visit or book in at this link;


Evening of November 1, then Nov 2-5 daily, 2019
Paint a large canvas. All art supplies and catering included. $2350 pp

Evening of Nov 25, then Nov 26-29th, 2019
Paint a large canvas. All art supplies and catering included. $2450 pp

Evening of Dec 10, from 4.30pm- 8.30pm then Dec 11 and 12 9-5.30pm
Paint a large canvas. All art supplies and catering included. $1350pp
Deposit at time of booking.
Venue Metro Arts, Brisbane CBD
Details at;

PLUS Special additional workshop with Lee Teusner teaching Divas and Godesses

Dec 14 & 15, 2019
Meet Lee Teusner who trained with me and has now got a fabulous workshop of her own to
share with you. Lee has been getting great reviews and results in South Australia and now
I’ve invited Lee to come to Brisbane to teach her luscious workshop!
Why not take the Blooms two day and follow it up with Lee's 2 day workshop?!

Paint a 1m square canvas, learn acrylics and how to create texture and interest.
Enjoy using your imagination and putting a bit of yourself into the painting! 
All art supplies and catering $1350pp.
To bag a spot please contact


Gloria Bardell from the UK with her second Blooms painting 

Evening Jan 8 then from 5-8.30pm then daily 9-5.30pm for Jan 9-12, 2019
Paint 2 large canvases. All art supplies and catering included. $2350 pp.
Deposit at time of booking.


Evening Feb 28 from 2-9pm then March 1-3, 2019
Paint 2 large canvases. All art supplies and catering included.
$2350pp. Deposit at time of booking.
Midland Junction Art Centre

Recent Painting by Jacqueline Coates 'Unfurling'  (Peony painting currently located in France)


May 8- May 17, 2020
Meet in Paris May 7 and travel to my painting studio and accommodations in the Limousin to learn to paint Blooms and soak up the local French atmosphere. There is the option to meet the day before so I can show you my favourite Parisian florists, charming 19th shopping arcades, the art stores where the French Impressionists once bought their paints that are still there today, and more.
8 full days of Blooms immersion and explore Paris combined with some local cultural outings and relaxation, plus our own chef and cook catering for us while we paint Blooms.
Learn about acrylics and how to produce three masterpieces.


May 26- June 7, 2020
Follow in the trail of the French Impressionists and learn to paint from life, with colour, movement and freedom. Be inspired by the Impressionist collections in Paris, Monet’s garden in Giverny and where Monet painted in the Creuse, Limousin where French Art School is located. Learn oils, acrylics with Jacqueline Coates and a guest teacher of water colours for a half day.

For more info, including the full tour pdf and booking with deposit button, please visit


Sept 9-19, 2020

Learn oils in France and take your work to a whole new level. ( As shown in this blog)
Small group only, pre-requisite is to have done a live workshop with me prior to this event.
Details at;

Detail of a recent hydrangeas painting study in Oils by Jacqueline Coates
Painting Currently located in France

I hope you can join me and let your creativity bloom!

Any questions please email me at
or contact Janneke at